At Floor Coverings International, we love bringing you insight and perspectives from home designers. Today, we have an interview with Kyle and Lisha, remodelers and bloggers at One House One Couple.

Floor Coverings International: Could you tell me a little about yourselves?

Kyle and Lisha: We are Kyle and Lisha Yost and we got married in 2008. We currently live in San Diego, CA in our beach bungalow rental and we have two cats. Kyle runs a Porsche parts business for
the 944 model. Lisha is a social media manager and marketer for small businesses. But our true love comes with fixing up houses. We remodeled a house from top to bottom between 2008 and 2011 and we’re now still in
the process of documenting it all on our blog.

FCI: What made you decide to start a blog? What do enjoy about blogging?

L: I wanted to start a blog in order to share with the world our journey of remodeling our first home. It’s fun to connect with other like-minded people, trading stories and tips on fixing and building

K: Lisha takes care of most of the blogging. I try to chip in every once in a while. I prefer to do physical things. Lisha is more of the blogger in the relationship.

L: Yeah, I’ll sometimes tell Kyle to write a post about something that he did all himself, since he understands the whole process he went through. For instance, I don’t really know anything about
plumbing. So I have Kyle take over posts like that.

FCI: How would you describe your design styles?

L: Eclectic. A touch of beach and natural/earthy components. Some traditional too. I enjoy homes from the 20s-60s.

K: I like houses built from 1900-1930s and the ‘60s and ‘70s.

L: Yeah, he definitely has an infatuation with ‘70s houses… and I do not, lol!

FCI: Are your design and remodeling choices similar or different? How do you work together?

L: Most of the time, we agree on what looks good. Sometimes Kyle likes things that I don’t like, but we make compromises. Typically I usually get what I’d prefer. But if I can live with it, I’ll let Kyle have
his choice.

K: Our design and remodeling choices are mostly similar I would say. Neither one of us likes crazy or extravagant styles, and they normally match up. Simple and clean designs.

L: Yeah, we don’t really like rules, but we do seem to naturally follow most “design rules”. And also function matters just as much if not more than aesthetics, simply because we have to live there. I
think it helps that we actually do agree on most things. But we’re very compromising individuals who care about what the other person thinks too.

FCI: Tell me about one of your projects that you’re especially proud of.

K: I’m proud of the work that I did on the stair case. That was by far the hardest
and most complicated thing I’ve ever built. It took a ton of planning and designing to get the stairs spaced right, the railing in correctly, and everything to fit into our awkward stairs room. The stairs were very poorly
designed and constructed and needed to be completely removed and rebuilt from the ground up. It took a lot of work and time but the finished product came out great and everyone that saw the stairs had a nice comment
to say about them.

interview with one house one couple

L: Yes, the stairs turned out so beautifully. I personally really liked our kitchen remodel. It was a task that
both Kyle and I had to take on together, unlike the stairs, Kyle did most of that himself. We had to tear down walls (including an exterior one) and rebuild the room. We turned the living room and kitchen into a sort of great
room. I love being able to take a poor layout and design and make it more functional and visually appealing at the same time. Making it all make more sense. I also enjoyed being able to pick out the finishes, like the cabinets,
countertop, and backsplash and trying to pick all things that would go well together. The kitchen overall was a ton of work, both mentally and physically (mostly physically) and it turned out so well. I’m also really proud that
the only things we didn’t do ourselves in the entire house was install the kitchen countertop and install the carpet in our bedroom. The entire rest of our house we remodeled with our own four hands! We get a huge sense of
accomplishment from that. For the next stage in our lives, our plan is to move to Florida to buy a fixer upper, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

interview with one house one couple

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