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Our Favorite Kitchen Flooring Styles

Whether you are baking a pumpkin pie or grabbing a late-night snack, your kitchen is the center of your Maple Grove home. An updated floor can completely transform the appearance of the room, making it feel brand new again. Besides being beautiful, your kitchen floor should be durable and water-resistant. To make your decision process…
Travertine tile in Maple Grove

A Starter Guide to Natural Stone

Installing natural stone tiles adds character and beauty to your home that is both organic and unique. No two stone tiles are the same because they are harvested from quarries and are created in nature. But with the wide selection of stones to choose from, which one is ideal for your Maple Grove property? To help…
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3 Top Tile Types

Solid tile floors are a historied choice in residential and commercial flooring, with a well-earned reputation for elegance, durability, and resilience. For Brooklyn Park homeowners looking to carry on the tile tradition, Floor Coverings International Maple Grove offers this little guide on three popular options in tile floors. Ceramic Fired to new strength in the heat of the kiln, ceramic…
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3 Unique Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

The backsplash of your Maple Grove kitchen is a central focal point that you probably find yourself staring at as you cook, bake, do the dishes, and generally “hang out” in your kitchen. Your family and guests to your home will also certainly notice your backsplash — for better or worse — so make sure it stands…
Travertine tile Maple Grove

Travertine Infographic – Maple Grove

What do you know about travertine? Probably not enough. This is a natural stone tile that deserves some attention, so be sure to check out this handy infographic about travertine from Floor Coverings International Maple Grove! Photo Credit: Kelly vanDellen, Claudio Divizia