Cork flooring in Maple GroveThough bamboo flooring started out as an eco-friendly alternative to hardwood, it has now entered the mainstream. Bamboo is still a great choice for Maple Grove homeowners, but there are now many other environmentally friendly flooring options to choose from. Here are a few picks from our experts at Floor Coverings International Maple Grove:


Cork has been on the rise as a renewable flooring material with many practical benefits. Cork is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees grown in the Mediterranean. Because the bark grows back within several years and the tree remains undamaged, cork can be harvested over and over again with little environmental impact. As flooring, cork is recyclable, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and also resistant to fire, stains, and mildew. Plus, cork acts as a thermal insulator, so it can help keep your house warm and cut down on energy costs.


Linoleum flooring was invented over a hundred years ago, and is still an eco-friendly flooring choice made entirely from natural materials like linseed oil, cork dust, and ground limestone. Linoleum has antistatic properties that repel dirt and dust, ideal for homes with allergy and asthma sufferers. Like cork, linoleum is also recyclable, biodegradable, and resistant to fire. However, linoleum flooring is susceptible to moisture damage, so it should not be used in bathrooms.


You may not realize it, but concrete is actually quite eco-friendly. Concrete requires relatively little energy to produce, and it doesn’t use endangered resources. Plus, concrete is made and poured locally, rather than being transported from far away. Concrete floors absorb warm and cool air, so they can also help cut down on energy costs, too. And if you ever decide to replace your concrete floors, they can be recycled rather than thrown away in a landfill.

If you want green flooring for your Maple Grove home, remember to think beyond bamboo! Cork, linoleum, and concrete also make for functional and eco-friendly floors. Call Floor Coverings International Maple Grove to schedule a free consultation with our team.

Photo Credit: Joe Ferrer