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Solid tile floors are a historied choice in residential and commercial flooring, with a well-earned reputation for elegance, durability, and resilience. For Brooklyn Park homeowners looking to carry on the tile tradition, Floor Coverings International Maple Grove offers this little guide on three popular options in tile floors.


Fired to new strength in the heat of the kiln, ceramic is a tough clay that is offered in two different styles. Unglazed ceramic floor tiles feature a kind of rustic beauty in the form of their rough surface texture. They also provide firm traction for people and pets with their natural, porous exterior. The other option in ceramic tile floors is to go glazed, which means that a permanent protective layer is sealed atop the tiles. This makes ceramic tile maintenance a good deal easier, since water and other elements cannot penetrate the glaze. However, if the tiles are wet, there can be a slippage risk. Be sure to wipe your glazed ceramic tiles nice and dry!

maple grove tile floorStone

Stone tile floors are another excellent option for homeowners in Brooklyn Park. Stone is the definition of durable, and its varied patterns make for unique tile floors wherever they are installed. Stone tiles remain cool in the summer for some much-needed relief, and with some sealing maintenance, they can resist moisture to a good degree.

Be extremely careful when cleaning your stone tiles, because they are highly sensitive to acids. Any cleaning agent applied to stone tile floors should not be acid-based, or else you can incur permanent discoloration and unsightly splotching.

Luxury Vinyl

When it comes to resilience, luxury vinyl tile floors are a hard act to follow. They are entirely waterproof, durable yet comfortable, and resilient to factors like mold or insect damage. What’s more, luxury vinyl tile can convincingly imitate natural flooring like wood or stone. If the porousness of unglazed ceramic or the sensitivity of natural stone are prohibitive, luxury vinyl tiles may just be your answer.

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