Natural carpet in Maple Grove

There are a variety of reasons to choose a natural fiber carpet for your Maple Grove home: they are often better for those with asthma or allergies than synthetic carpets; they add unique look and texture to enhance your space; and they are sustainable and eco-friendly.

If you are new to natural fiber carpeting, our team at Floor Coverings International Maple Grove can help you explore your options. Here are five popular natural fibers to consider:

Wool carpet in Maple Grove


Wool is perhaps the most common natural fiber that you will find in carpeting today. It is cozy, soft, and does a great job of insulating your home. It is also quite durable, though it is vulnerable to moisture and staining – so be careful about where you install it! You can find wool carpets in a wide variety of colors and styles, making it one of the most versatile natural fibers on this list.


Sisal fiber comes from the agave plant. It is quite durable, but can also feel a bit rough to the touch. Sisal can be dyed and woven into a wide variety of patterns, and many homeowners appreciate it for its unique look. Like wool, you should be careful about where you install it – sisal carpeting can handle foot traffic, but not moisture.


Similar to sisal, jute comes from the fiber of a plant commonly grown in India and Bangladesh. It is available in a variety of colors and styles, but is not as durable as some other natural fibers. It grows quickly and readily, however, so it is very easy on the environment (and on your wallet).

Seagrass carpet in Maple GroveSeagrass

Seagrass is highly sustainable, durable, and comfortable, making it one of the hidden gems of natural carpeting. Seagrass carpets are extremely non-porous, so they are highly resistant to moisture and staining. However, this quality also makes seagrass very difficult to dye, so it is primarily available in its natural khaki color.


Coir fiber comes from coconut husks, so as you can imagine, it has a slightly rough and bristly texture. Coir is often used in doormats because of its durability and moisture resistance. Because of those qualities, coir carpeting also works well in high traffic areas like entryways.

If you have more questions about natural carpet options, give us a call and schedule a free consultation! We’ll help you compare products and find the perfect carpet for your Maple Grove home.

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