Your pets are a very important part of your life. These lovable companions brighten your day and light up your life. But they can often be hard on your floors! Scratching claws, stains from messes, and other types of wear can quickly take a toll on the quality of floors. In this post, we’ll look at a few different types of flooring and how well they’ll work for pet-owning homes.


Although carpet is comfortable underfoot, easy to lie on, and muffles sound, overall it’s not a very good choice for pet owners. Carpet is prone to wear and tear much more than other flooring options. Even when treated, it’s more susceptible to stains. In addition, if you are using a loop pile carpet, pet’s claws can snag on the carpet loops, potentially hurting them and damaging the carpet. A better choice would be to provide rugs or beds for your pets to rest in while using a different material for the floors.


Hardwood can be a better choice but still has some concerns to keep in mind. Spills or accidents must be cleaned up quickly, as they can stain or warp the wood if left for too long. This issue can be mitigated by using a quality coating on the floor and cleaning it regularly. Another concern is scratches caused by pet’s claws. Declawing may not be an option, and active pets will certainly leave their mark after a while.

However, bamboo flooring is an excellent hardwood alternative. It’s harder and more resistant to stains and wear.


Stone, porcelain, and ceramic tiles are all solid choices for pets. They don’t scratch easily, and any scratches don’t show up as much as they do on other surfaces. Spills won’t damage the floors and can be easily cleaned up. One downside is that they are hard and cold, not very comfortable for pets to rest on. As discussed above, a rug or bed can alleviate this.


Laminate floor is an overall solid choice for pets. Easy to clean and resistant to damage, these floors can hold up to whatever pets put them through. However, some laminate floors can be slippery for pets to walk or run on. A few rugs should alleviate this.

Whatever you end up deciding on for your space, be sure to give Floor Coverings International a call. Our flooring experts are happy to help you find the perfect floors for you – and your pets!