When you decide to install new hardwood floors in your Maple Grove, Plymouth, Rogers home, the amount of information available can seem overwhelming. At Floor Coverings International Maple Grove, we believe it’s important to get as much information as possible before starting on such a big project. One of the most confusing things for homeowners to navigate when choosing a type of hardwood is the flooring jargon they might not be familiar with. We’ve put together a quick guide of key terms to help demystify the confusing world of hardwood flooring!



Wood Flooring Terms


Grain – the texture seen on a given plank of wood. Some styles have subtle grains while others have complex grains full of distinctive knots.


Heartwood – this wood comes from the interior part of a tree. Generally it is darker and harder than surrounding wood (sapwood).


Janka Hardness Scale – measures the force needed to embed a .444-inch steel ball half its diameter into the wood. The number is expressed in pounds-force.


Solid hardwood – the term “solid” indicates that the planks are made entirely of the type of hardwood you chose.


Engineered hardwood – this is not the same as solid hardwood. It is made with fiberboard and other alternatives with a slim layer of hardwood on top.


Acclimation – this process allows flooring to get used to the space in which it will be installed. This is a crucial part of the installation process that helps avoid damage from the wood expanding or contracting after it’s been installed.


Subfloor – the material underneath your flooring. For hardwood that’s going to be nailed down, it’s best to have plywood that’s at least ¾’’ thick.


Rosin Paper – pink paper that is laid down on the subfloor before installation begins. This helps to prevent your hardwood floor from squeaking.


Cupping – raised edges on your hardwood that occur when excessive moisture is present in the room.


If you have more questions about hardwood, give us a call today at Floor Coverings International Maple Grove. We are proud to serve the greater Maple Grove, Plymouth, Rogers area.