Hardwood floor refinishing in Maple GroveWhether you’ve just installed a new hardwood floor or are in love with the one that’s been in your Maple Grove home for years, it is worth the effort to treat the wood with respect to prolong its lifespan. With attentive care, a hardwood floor can last for generations within your family’s home. Here are some tips from our experts at Floor Coverings International Maple Grove:

Day-to-Day Maintenance

Daily sweeping or vacuuming is the most important and frequent component of any care regimen for a hardwood floor. Dirt and other sediments may seem innocuous, but they can cause considerable damage that goes deeper than just the finish. Every speck of dust on the wood creates a pressure point when a person, animal, or thing moves over it.

Long-Term Maintenance

Long-term care involves more thorough cleaning and maintaining the wood’s finish. On a monthly basis, take a wood-safe cleaning solution and give the floor a thorough scrubbing. If you’re not sure which cleaners are safe to use, contact the manufacturer or a hardwood specialist to find out. Avoid using steam cleaners as they can cause damage to the wood. Even the most diligent care won’t prevent the finish from eventually fading, so be prepared to apply a maintenance coat at least every five years. Flooring that sees a lot of abuse may require more frequent coats to keep them protected. As the years go on, these patch jobs won’t be enough to keep the shine of the finish from fading. After forty to fifty years of holding up your family, your floor will be in need of a complete refinishing.

If you need help selecting a new hardwood floor or repairing and refinishing your existing one, give us a call! Floor Coverings International Maple Grove serves homeowners in the greater Maple Grove area.

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