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Vinyl flooring is a great option for budget-conscious homeowners in the Maple Grove, Plymouth area. This durable flooring option is constructed to resist scratches, stains, mold and mildew, so you can use it in practically any room. At Floor Coverings International of Maple Grove, we especially like vinyl in the kitchen, bathroom and entryway. Vinyl has come a long way since its first popularity. Now you choose from a range of vinyl flooring that require various installation processes and offer different benefits at different prices. It’s important to know about the options so you can choose the right one for your budget and lifestyle.


Sheet Vinyl

This style of vinyl comes in large rolls, usually either 6’ or 12’ wide. The roll is laid out and cut to fit your room. If necessary, two rolls will be used, which will create a small seam where the pieces meet. The most common type of sheet vinyl is felt backed. This gives your floor an extra level of comfort and insulation, which many people like for colder spaces like the basement.

Solid Vinyl Tile

Solid vinyl tiles come in either individual 12’’ x 12’’ squares or larger strips of three tiles. These tiles feature a photographic middle layer that’s protected by a backing and a clear vinyl top layer. Each piece has an adhesive back, which makes installation relatively fast. If your old floor is clean and flat, you can even install these tiles directly on top at times. Be sure to consult your local Floor Coverings International flooring expert to make sure this option is right for your home.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

The most high-end vinyl tile option available, luxury vinyl tile comes in range of shapes and sizes. Advanced 3D imaging technology is used to create an image for each tile. If you want a vinyl floor that realistically imitates hardwood or stone tile, LVT is the right option for you. These tiles come in varying sizes depending on the type of flooring they are inspired by. Vinyl plank is used for hardwood styles, while large squares and smaller rectangles are both options for natural stone-inspired tiles. We love the way these tiles look in our customer’s homes around the Maple Grove, Plymouth area.


Photo Credit: Jaqueline Moore