Hardwood flooring is a versatile option for your home. With styles ranging from traditional and natural to striking and dramatic, you can create nearly any desired look for your home. If you’re seeking flooring that makes a strong statement, Floor Coverings International Maple Grove is here to help! We’ve compiled our favorite hardwood floors to give your home a touch of drama. For the strongest effect, consider mixing and matching these styles.

Black Hardwood Floors

Black hardwood floors are a dramatic, distinct, and powerful look for your home. Hardwood can be stained to give a darkening effect, though this might not be dark enough for some homeowners. If you’re looking for a pitch-black hardwood, consider either painting your hardwood or opting for a wood-look alternative. Wood-look alternatives, such as luxury vinyl planks and wood-look tile, can be printed in nearly any color. Painting hardwood can be an easy and affordable way to restore old and damaged wood floors.

black hardwood floors


Dramatic and striking, tigerwood is sure to make a statement. The vibrant orange hue of this exotic wood is complemented by darker grain patterns. These qualities combine to give tigerwood its name and distinct appearance. If you’re looking for a show-stopping hardwood flooring, tigerwood is perfect for you.

tigerwood floors maple grove

Herringbone Pattern

For a stunning and unique look, trade out straight hardwood planks for a herringbone pattern! This classic pattern has become a popular flooring look in modern, trend-setting homes. A herringbone pattern will bring a sense of movement and dynamism to your wood floors.

herringbone hardwood floors maple grove

Diagonally Laid Hardwood

Diagonally laid hardwood is a subtle twist on classic, straight-laid planks. This look is the perfect middle-ground between traditional and dramatic. Diagonally laid planks are unique and stunning, while still capturing the natural beauty of hardwood floors. 

diagonal hardwood floors maple grove

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