Maple Grove distressed hardwood floorHardwood is unique among flooring materials. It is of course beautiful to behold when it’s brand new, but many homeowners also love the look of well-trodden hardwood and its rustic charisma! For this reason, there is a process known as “distressing,” which consists of expert techniques used to carefully scuff, abrade, and wear the surface of a hardwood floor.

This recreates the appearance of a wood floor with a long, colorful history of use. Today, Floor Coverings International Maple Grove talks distressing methods for hardwood floors in your Plymouth home.


A very long time ago, logs were sawed into floorboards at watermills. The old-fashioned machinery used in this process would suffer errors and skip across the boards, leaving unintended marks in in the wood from the saws. This technique pairs well with dark hardwood stains, which tend to reveal these replicated saw marks with a sharp, visually pleasing contrast of light and dark.


Hand-scraped hardwood is modified with gentle scrapes along the edges, recreating the natural, extended process of scuffing and other cuts to aged planks. With hand-scraping, the sharp edges of the planks are smoothed, creating more fluid plank transitions. With this technique in particular, your floor will be unlike any other in its exact scratch patterning.

Maple Grove distressed hardwood floor


To de-gloss and unsmooth your hardwood floor, the wire-brushed distress method is a great option. Special wire brushes are used to scrape at the surface, creating a lovely array of mesmerizing parallel indentations.


Over time, foot traffic creates a kind of snaking wave pattern in hardwood floors. With this distress technique, the soft surface grain is worn down, revealing the more dense grain underneath.

Distress Without Dismay

If you love antique-look hardwood as much as we do, call at the number below or schedule a free in-home consultation online. The experts at Floor Coverings International Maple Grove provide and install a huge range of high-quality flooring materials for homes in the greater Maple Grove, Plymouth areas.

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