luxury vinyl austin Luxury vinyl planks, often abbreviated as LVP, could be the perfect addition to your Maple Grove home. Popular as a hardwood alternative, luxury vinyl plank flooring offers the classic beauty of wood alongside unique advantages. Water-resistant, durable, and low-maintenance luxury vinyl planks can be installed in rooms where hardwood might suffer.


Finding the perfect flooring for below-grade rooms can be tough. Luxury vinyl planks are an excellent option: more comfortable than tile, more water-resistant than hardwood, and more affordable than natural stone. The visual appeal of wood-look luxury vinyl planks will give your basement a warmer, welcoming vibe. Luxury vinyl planks also retain heat better than hardwood, providing a more comfortable underfoot experience.


The flooring of your mudroom protects the rest of your home from dirt, mud, water, and more – but sees a lot of abuse in the process. Sheet vinyl is often used in mudrooms, providing a durable, affordable, and waterproof surface. Luxury vinyl planks are a stylish upgrade, providing visual appeal along with improved durability.


Hardwood in the bathroom is a bad idea, but wood-look alternatives provide a beautiful, natural, and spa-like effect. To capture this look without sacrificing practical flooring, opt for luxury vinyl planks! Luxury vinyl planks will provide the beauty of hardwood as well as a durable and water-resistant flooring.


Hardwood in the kitchen provides beauty and warmth, but it’s not the most practical option. The kitchen is a place prone to spills and potentially even flooding from malfunctioning sinks or dishwashers. For hardwood floors, this can cause irreversible damage. Unlike hardwood, luxury vinyl planks won’t warp, twist, or discolor when exposed to water. Luxury vinyl planks are also more comfortable underfoot than hardwood. Luxury vinyl is both softer and warmer, providing a more forgiving surface for long hours spent standing in the kitchen.

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