Carpet runner in Maple GroveDo you have a set of stairs in your Maple Grove home? Are your stairs in a high traffic area? If so, you should seriously consider installing a carpet runner. Runners are both functional and decorative, and they are particularly useful for stairs and other frequently used pathways in your home. Here are some of the top reasons why Floor Coverings International Maple Grove recommends using a runner on your stairs:

1. To make your stairs safer and avoid accidents.

Unless your stairs are already carpeted, they could be potentially hazardous (especially to young children or seniors). Smooth, hard surfaces like hardwood, laminate, or tile can become slippery when water is tracked in from the outdoors. If your stairs are steep, it may be difficult for people to get up and down them safely. A runner will provide traction and cushion to help avoid falls or accidents.

2. To add an attractive design element to an otherwise plain space.

Runners are available in as many colors, patterns, and styles as traditional carpeting. This means you can find the perfect runner to complement your space and d├ęcor. You can also find runners in a range of fiber materials, depending on your budget and needs. Talk to one of our Design Associates to find out which options will best suit your space.

3. To protect your stairs from damage and wear.

If your stairs are a high traffic area, they probably get a lot of wear and tear. A carpet runner can help protect your stairs and extend their lifespan. If you have hardwood or laminate stairs, a runner will help you avoid dents and scratches. And if you have carpeted stairs, a runner will protect them from stains and spills.

To learn more about stair runners and get help choosing one for your Maple Grove home, give us a call. Floor Coverings International Maple Grove offers free in-home consultations to help you find the perfect runner solution for your needs.

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