There are so many décor styles out there it can be hard to keep them all straight. Today we want to talk about one of our favorite modern décor trends: industrial-inspired décor. You’ll find all sorts of furniture, artwork and hardware for your home that look a bit more simple, and maybe a bit tougher, in home decor catalogues these days. Want to know more about this trend to see if it’s right for your Maple Grove, Plymouth, Rogers area home? Here are a few of the key design elements in this exciting style from our experts at Floor Coverings International Maple Grove:



Most industrial-style furniture focuses on function, and some have a few interesting design flourishes. Simple metal stools at a kitchen bar are a great example. The metal might be brushed, or tinted an interesting color to add a point of interest. Another important element of industrial furniture is the materials. You won’t find plush couches with soft cotton pillows and armrests in an industrial-inspired space. Rather, a couch might have a standout wood frame with metal detailing.



Often industrial style is found in items that have been repurposed. They change from something functional, into something beautiful. One example of this is pictures held up by simple metal binder clips on a piece of wire. Or hanging a piece of old farm equipment on your wall as art. Metal is a very important material in industrial artwork. Stay away from floral prints and feminine flourishes. Sometimes, the best industrial décor can even be a blank wall.



At Floor Coverings International Maple Grove, this is one of our favorite design elements to consider. To choose the perfect flooring for an industrial home, the best thing to do is to think of real industrial spaces. What kinds of flooring do they use? Our favorite option is cement floors. Cement floors have become more and more popular in residential homes because of this industrial trend. You don’t have to leave them as plain gray either. Cement can be painted, or finished with a sheen. Be sure to invest in some simple area rugs to keep your Maple Grove, Plymouth, Rogers area home warm. Cement floors can get a bit chilly.


Photo Credit: pics721