Berber carpet in Maple GroveBerber is an ancient, traditional style of carpet that is still quite popular today. Though contemporary Berber carpeting looks a little different than its older variations, it is still a loop pile carpet with a similar construction. Considering Berber for your Maple Grove home? The Floor Coverings International Maple Grove experts can help you learn more about this time-tested carpet.

The Origin of Berber Carpets

The name Berber comes from the Berber peoples of North Africa and the Sahara. It was they who first developed and produced Berber-style carpeting thousands of years ago. They spun, dyed, and wove cloth using traditional methods, and then used the cloth to produce rugs, clothing, and other textiles. Those early Berber carpets were usually colorful and highly patterned. In contrast, modern, mass-produced Berber is typically neutral and flecked, but still has the same knotted, loop pile construction of traditional Berber carpets.

Things to Know About Berber

  • Depending on what kind of fiber you choose, Berber carpeting can be quite affordable. Typically, nylon and wool are more expensive than, say, olefin. However, higher quality fiber will usually result in a more durable and comfortable carpet.
  • As a low, loop pile carpet, Berber can handle a lot of wear and tear. The tight, dense weave of Berber helps to support the pressure of repeated foot traffic, and it also helps keep dirt and liquids on the surface of the carpet where they are easier to clean up.
  • The primary disadvantage to a loop carpet like Berber is that the loops can be pulled and snagged by furniture, kids’ toys, or pets’ claws. Though snags will not affect the function of the carpet, they can make it look disheveled.

If Berber sounds like the right carpet for you, then call Floor Coverings International Maple Grove today! We’ll help you select the perfect Berber style for your Maple Grove home.

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Photo Credit: Jeffrey B. Banke