Frieze is a unique style of carpet because of its distinctive texture and comfortable, casual look. Our Floor Coverings International Maple Grove experts often refer to frieze carpeting as an updated, low-maintenance version of shag carpeting. This makes it a great option for Maple Grove homeowners who care want comfort without a lot of effort.

Frieze carpeting in Maple Grove

Are you ready to try frieze carpeting in your home? Here are a few tips to consider first.

Advantages of Frieze Carpet

  • Frieze is characterized by its long, twisted fibers, which form a high, textured pile. You can find many styles of frieze carpet in different colors and materials, from classic wool to trendy nylon.
  • Frieze is what is known as a “trackless” carpet. Its flexible fibers won’t be crushed by pressure, so it will not show footprints and vacuum tracks like some other carpet styles. Its texture also helps to disguise seams – a useful advantage if you are installing carpet in an area where the carpet must be cut and pieced together.
  • The long, twisted fibers in a frieze carpet are strong and secure, so they can handle foot traffic and other wear and tear. They will also resist fraying, and even if a fiber is pulled loose from the backing, the texture will help to cover up any minor imperfections.
  • The soft, cushioned feel of frieze carpet makes it very comfortable to sit or stand on. This makes it a great choice for casual spaces like family rooms, bedrooms, and basements where you like to lounge or play on the floor.

There is one main disadvantage to frieze carpet: it is tricky to clean. The loose, flexible fibers will allow liquid spills to spread, so it can be difficult to contain and clean them. If you have young children or messy pets, you’ll want to keep this in mind while choosing your new carpet.

Call Floor Coverings International Maple Grove to learn more about frieze and other carpet styles. We offer free in-home consultations to homeowners in the Maple Grove area and beyond.

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