patterned carpet in maple grove, mnWhat is it?

Like it sounds, patterned carpet is any carpet that includes some sort of design or print. This print can be large or small and in many cases is repeated throughout a carpet. Oftentimes, homeowners stay away from patterned carpet because they assume it’s not a timeless flooring option. However, this variety of carpet offers a number of benefits, including an ability to hide stains and a quality of uniqueness. We encourage you to consider adding patterned carpet to your Maple Grove home.

Patterned Carpet Pros

Hides stains—One reason patterned carpet is used so often in hotels, classrooms, and business offices is because it hides dirt, stains, and dust extremely well, a feature solid carpet can’t offer. This ability to hide imperfections results in durability. Patterned carpets that occupy high traffic areas tend to last a long time because, although they may be older, they appear brand new.

Individuality—Patterned carpet can be difficult to balance with surrounding interior design, and therefore many homeowners refrain from adding it to their home. Nevertheless, patterned carpet can instantly improve a room’s personality, and when executed well it helps to create a home that’s beautiful and unique.

Patterned Carpet Cons

Timelessness—A major argument against patterned carpet is that it’s trendy but not timeless. This isn’t an issue with patterned carpet itself, but instead speaks to the difficulty homeowners encounter when trying to select patterned carpet with surrounding decorations and furniture in mind. We suggest choosing carpet that features a smaller pattern and comes in neutral colors. This way it won’t overwhelm the rest of your space.

Here at Floor Coverings International Maple Grove we’d love to help you find the right patterned carpet for your home. Our design professionals are happy to come to you with carpet samples, and you can also take a peek at our product gallery, which features a number of beautiful patterned carpet designs including, True Believer and Special Moment. We proudly serve the greater Maple Grove, Plymouth areas and offer free consultations. Call us today!

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