cherry hardwood flooring in Maple GroveShopping for hardwood floors for your Maple Grove home? Our expert team at Floor Coverings International Maple Grove can help!

Cherry hardwood floors are a great option when you’re looking for new flooring. Not only are they attractive, they’re also very durable and easy to care for. Take a look at the benefits of cherry hardwood flooring.


Wood flooring is one of the most popular kind of flooring for homes because of the clean look and natural beauty of the wood. The red-brown color of cherry gives your room a warm look and it works well with any kind of decor. Cherry hardwood can darken slightly over time so keep that in mind when planning your space.


Hardwood flooring such as cherry holds up well to everyday traffic from people and pets. When your floor is properly sealed, you can expect it to last for decades. Depending on the amount of traffic your floor experiences, you can go five to ten years before refinishing.

Easy Care

Cherry hardwood floors are relatively easy to take care of. It’s best to keep dust from accumulating on the floor as it can degrade the finish over time. Use a vacuum or dust mop to keep the surface clear on a weekly basis, and use a specialty wood cleaner if wet mopping. Do not let water or other moisture sit on the floor for an extended period of time, as this can warp and damage the wood.

If you are looking for new floors in the Maple Grove and Plymouth area, give us a call! We’ll walk you through the process of finding the perfect floor for your needs. The Floor Coverings International Maple Grove team looks forward to working with you!

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