Hickory hardwood flooring in Maple GroveIf you are looking to install hardwood flooring in your Plymouth home, there are many different types of wood floors to choose from. But not every type is ideal for every home. Learning the advantages and disadvantages of each option will help you select the type that is the best fit for your needs.

Here, our Floor Coverings International Maple Grove experts highlight some of the most important qualities of hickory flooring:

Advantages of Hickory Hardwood Floors

Hickory is an Affordable Hardwood

One of the benefits associated with hickory hardwood floors is that it is an affordable hardwood option. It is not as expensive as rare or exotic hardwood species. If you want a middle of the line option for your hardwood flooring, hickory may be a good fit for you.

Hickory is Durable

The second benefit is that hickory is a hard hardwood. Some hardwoods are softer, causing them to scratch, ding or dent easier. That is not the case with hickory. It holds up well for high traffic areas or homes with kids and pets.

Hickory Holds Up to Humid Conditions

The last benefit of hickory flooring is that it holds up well in humid conditions. Other woods may warp or rot, but hickory can hold its own.

Other Considerations

One of the biggest disadvantages associated with hickory hardwood flooring is that, because of how rigid and tough the wood is, the flooring can be challenging to install. It’s best to trust the installation of your hickory floors to a professional.

If you are interested in learning more about hickory hardwood flooring or want to view samples of the floor yourself, visit a flooring showroom in Plymouth, MN. They can hep you determine if hickory is the best type of hardwood for your needs.

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