pine wood flooring maple grove Pine flooring is made of soft wood that increases in beauty as it ages. An affordable wood flooring option, pine could be perfect for your home. Floor Coverings International Maple Grove is proud to bring a variety of wood flooring options to Maple Grove homeowners. Keep reading to learn more about the unique benefits of pine wood flooring!


Light and Bright

Southern yellow pine has warm butterscotch hues that add a unique touch to any room. White pine, another popular choice, is reminiscent of Early American homes. It’s the perfect complement to historic settings with old-fashioned décor. This light wood will provide a brightening effect to your home, making any room seem more open and airy.

Uniquely Distressed

If you like pine flooring but want to control the amount of distress your floor receives, applying a sealer may help. You can also find many beautiful laminate options that mix the beauty of pine with the strength and durability of modern laminate flooring.


The pale hue of pine wood makes it ideal for staining. If you desire the expensive look of mahogany in your home, considering staining pine wood with a darker, reddish hue. You can stain it deep black to mimic the appearance of ebony, or vibrant red to achieve the look of Brazilian cherry. Pine flooring is usually sold unfinished, which allows you to customize your finish – including gloss level and stain.


Pine is a soft wood, which means that it is more susceptible to dents, chips, and general wear-and-tear than hardwood flooring. Many homeowners appreciate the aged look of long-lived pine flooring, which depicts a rich history. If you would prefer your floors to stay pristine, however, consider installing pine wood in a room that sees less foot traffic. When properly cared for, pine wood will last a lifetime. If the durability of your floors is your primary concern, considering installing a strong hardwood such as hickory.

Because pine is a soft wood, installing pine flooring can be easier than hardwood. It’s still a job best left to the professionals, however.

pine wood floors maple grove mn

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