teak hardwood flooring plymouth Native to Southeast Asia, teak is an exotic hardwood with beautiful golden hues and exceptional durability. Floor Coverings International Maple Grove is proud to connect homeowners in Maple Grove, Plymouth and beyond with teak hardwood flooring. Keep reading to learn about the unique benefits of teak!

Visual Appeal

Teak flooring is generally golden-brown in color, though this wood is available in a spectrum of colors. The heartwood of teak tends to be lighter, with the wood darkening as it ages. The grain pattern of teak is distinct and relatively straight, with subtle curvature and shade variations. These features make team an attractive and sought-after hardwood.


Teak hardwood creates sturdy and durable flooring. On the Janka Hardness Scale, teak has a rating of 1155. Due to its natural oils, teak also has a natural resistance to termites and other indoor pests. This oil also gives teak an attractive sheen.


Unfortunately, two of the three species of teak are now endangered. If you’re concerned about your teak flooring being environmentally friendly, make sure you purchase from a source that’s certified with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This group has stringent requirements for what qualifies as sustainable harvesting practices and forestry management.

Teak is also an expensive hardwood option. To lower the overall cost of your teak hardwood, you may want to consider purchasing teak engineered hardwood or laminate. Engineered flooring consists of a thin top layer with a layer of plywood underneath, while laminate is made from particle board topped with a photograph of wood grain.

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