White oak hardwood flooring in Maple GroveWhite oak is one of the most common American hardwoods and is readily available throughout the entire eastern half of North America. Although white oak is common, it has a uniquely pale, gray-tinged color and tough surface that make it an appealing choice for Maple Grove homeowners.

Before you decide if white oak flooring is right for you, consider these tips from our Floor Coverings International Maple Grove experts:


When cut into boards, unfinished white oak has a pale brown color interspersed with graceful grains of darker brown that swirl around one another. The prominent lines take on staining extremely well, and there are few rooms that won’t look spectacular with white oak flooring.


The Janka scale rates white oak at 1335, meaning it is much more durable than walnut (1010) and cherry (950) while is even higher than other common hardwoods like red oak (1220). This rating designates that white oak flooring is fairly resistant to dents and scratches, and is durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic.


If you want your white oak floors to last, then you should be careful to keep them away from water. Cleaning white oak is simple, requiring only regular sweepings and an occasional mop with wood cleaner. Hardwood floors are very resilient, so if your white oak floors begin to look worn down, you should consider having them professionally refinished.

Because it’s a relatively soft hardwood and grows in abundance locally, white oak is an economically and environmentally friendly option for flooring renovations, and it accomplishes that without giving up an inch in utility, beauty, or quality. If you’re ready to install new white oak floors in your Maple Grove home, give us a call! Floor Coverings International Maple Grove offers free consultations and estimates.

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