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Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most hardworking rooms in any home. They deal with spills, moisture and foot traffic on a weekly and often daily basis. One way you can help to prolong the quality of your kitchen and bathroom is by adding backsplashes. These quality wall pieces offer both style and utility to a room. Here at Floor Coverings International Maple Grove, we have lots of experience helping our customers find the perfect backsplash for their home.

What Is It?

A backsplash is a portion of wall in a kitchen or bathroom that’s been covered by a durable material. Usually they are made from natural tile, but they can also be crafted from glass, vinyl, and even copper. Some backsplashes extend all the way around a room, while others are small and just cover the wall behind the sink. Their main purpose is to protect your wall from damage caused by water splashes, moisture and food splatters.


As we mentioned, the primary benefit of a backsplash is that it protects your wall from food stains and water damage. Over time a wall that isn’t cared for properly can develop dark spots and stains. These are signs of mold and mildew in your walls, and are hard to remove once they happen. A backsplash will help to prevent this type of lasting damage. Backplashes are usually made from materials that are easy to wipe clean, so if they get dirty you won’t have to worry. Lastly, backsplashes can add both value and style to your home. If you choose an elegant material like marble or mosaic tile it will look great, and be an attractive feature to home buyers if you ever decide to sell.

Materials & Design

There are so many design options for your backsplash! We especially love subway tiles and mosaics. Some of our favorite materials for backsplashes include:

Natural Stone Tile

Ceramic Tile


Tin or Copper


Luxury Vinyl Tile

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Photo Credit: Elena Elisseeva