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Floor Coverings International Maple Grove is your local expert on flooring, and we know that ceramic tile is a wonderful choice for many homes. Ceramic tiles are beautiful, but they’re also durable. Made from clay and fired in a kiln, they’re resistant to fire, water, and stains.

Ceramic tile is a great choice for any room in the home. They look great in bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and even outdoor patios. They’re versatile, and come in many different colors, patterns, and glazes to fit all different types of personal style and decor.

They’re also relatively easy to install and can be laid down over some existing flooring. Additionally, if the tiles are glazed or sealed, they’ll require little maintenance for stress-free flooring.

Ceramic Tile BacksplashesCeramic Tile 2

Ceramic tile is great for more than just your floor. Consider installing a ceramic tile backsplash to add some practical decor and protection to your bathroom or kitchen. Backsplashes save your walls from water, food, and cooking oil splashes.

They’re perfect for the wettest rooms of the house to avoid mold and mildew. They will also save you from hours of cleaning because removing water or food residue is as easy as gently wiping it clean. A ceramic tile backsplash will add a beautiful, unique element to the two rooms that are the hardest to decorate.

Ceramic Wall Tile

Ceramic wall tile is popular in bathrooms. It further helps protect the bathroom walls against water damage and can be used for the walls of the shower, too. You can turn your bathroom into a work of art by using different ceramic tile designs and colors that will complement each other.

If you have hardwood floors but are looking for something else to use in the bathroom, consider purchasing porcelain or ceramic wood look tiles to keep your flooring consistent. Wood look tiles have the natural look of hardwood and the durability of tile.

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