Marble tile in Plymouth

Marble as a material has been used for thousands of years on floors, walls, and more, and is known for its natural beauty. If you are interested in marble tile for your Plymouth home, you can find it at Floor Coverings International Maple Grove!

As a rule, marble features luxurious colors and stunning grain patterns, making it extremely recognizable and always beautiful. But of course, as with any flooring material, marble has its drawbacks too.

Below, we will go over the pros and cons of featuring marble tile in your home.

Benefits of Marble Tile

  • Several marble types are available, including Breccia, Calacatta, and Carrara — all offering unique styles and grain variations.
  • Several finish options are available, including honed (lightly polished) and polished (high sheen).
  • There’s no other material that looks quite like marble, with its unique whirling patterns and variations of shade and hue.

Drawbacks of Marble Tile

  • Of all flooring and backsplash options available, marble is one of the most expensive.
  • Marble tile requires regular sealing to keep liquids from penetrating and staining.
  • Marble tile also needs to be cleaned regularly using mild detergent.
  • Rings will be left by beverages that are set upon a marble surface.
  • It can be difficult to match varying marble tiles together to create a seamless pattern or look, and all marble tiles need to come from the same batch to match the grains and swirls. This can make replacing broken or damaged tiles difficult and costly.

Shop for Marble Tile for Your Home

If you find yourself intrigued by the idea of marble for your Plymouth home, give us a call! Marble tile looks great in nearly every setting and can be perfect for flooring, countertops, backslashes, and more. Speak to one of our Floor Coverings International Maple Grove experts to learn more and explore the many marble tile options we have available.

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