First appearing in New York City subway stations, subway tiles are now a popular and sought-after look. This classic pattern could be the perfect way to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom. Floor Coverings International Maple Grove is proud to install this beautiful tile look in homes throughout Maple Grove, Plymouth, and surrounding areas.

The Subway Tile Style

Most often, the subway tile pattern is created using rectangular white ceramic tile. This style is both practical and visually appealing, with clean lines and subtle visual appeal. Though the classic white subway tile remains popular, feel free to get creative! Switch out white for a bright pop of color, or add flair by mixing-and-matching shades. Mix practicality with luxury by swapping ceramic for a natural stone such as marble or granite. You can also personalize your subway tile design by using wider or narrower tiles. 

subway tile plymouth

Subway Tile Backsplash

Subway tiles are a sought-after backsplash option in many Maple Grove and Plymouth homes. A stylish backsplash is the perfect way to add flair to your kitchen or bathroom, while also offering additional protection for your walls. Subway tiles will provide understated but intriguing visual appeal.

subway tile backsplash maple grove mn

Subway Tile Wall Tiling

Another ideal use for subway tiles is as wall tiling for your shower or bathroom. Protect your walls from humidity, water damage, and mildew, while also giving your bathroom a stunning new look. Subway tiles are modern, clean, and timeless. 

subway tile maple grove


First designed to protect the walls of subway stations, subway tiles are extremely durable and low-maintenance. Subway tiles will withstand daily exposure to water and dirt. To keep your subway tiles looking clean and pristine, simply wash them regularly with a sponge, water, and your preferred cleaning product. Just don’t use an abrasive brush as it can dull the tile. 

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