Travertine tile in Maple Grove


Installing a natural stone floor in your home adds a touch of class and timeless beauty. There are so many kinds of stone that each has its own unique look and feel. Before you purchase stone tiles for your property in Maple Grove, it’s good to explore all options and factors. Here are some tips from Floor Coverings International Maple Grove.

Durability & Maintenance

Travertine tile is known to be durable enough to be used inside and outside. A stone’s hardness is rated on the Moh scale of 1-10, where diamond is a 10. Travertine scores a 3. Though this may seem like a low score, it is still harder than laminate, vinyl, and most hardwoods. To maintain your travertine, be sure to use specialty stone cleaners and to mop or sweep your tile regularly.


  • Beautiful neutral tones. Travertine floors can range from beige to pink and light brown.
  • Great designs. Different types of surfacing techniques can alter the colors and texture to create the design you want. For example, you can get a shiny glossy floor with polish or achieve a rustic matte texture by brushing it.
  • Excellent for irregularly shaped areas. Since this is considered a softer stone, it can be cut into unique shapes more easily than a harder stone.


  • Not a DIY project. Travertine tiles need to be professionally installed for the best results. The tiles are heavy and need precision cutting to fit well.
  • Needs regular maintenance to keep looking good. It’s a porous material, which means that it can trap moisture and stains. You’ll also need to have it resealed to prevent damage.
  • Has a naturally uneven surface. The stone’s natural “pocks” can make cleaning difficult, but treating it with resin before use can make it easier to keep free of dirt and debris.

To learn more about travertine and other natural stone options for your Maple Grove home, give us a call! Floor Coverings International Maple Grove offers free consultations to make your shopping experience easy and stress-free.

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