While hardwood flooring is without a doubt well-loved, it’s not always a great fit for every room in your Brooklyn Park home. As the name suggests, wood-look tile has the aesthetic of hardwood flooring that you love with the durability and water resistance of tile. If you are curious about this hardwood alternative, read on to learn more about one of our favorite flooring styles here at Floor Coverings International Maple Grove.

wood-look tile bathroom floor maple grove

What Style Options are Available?

Visually speaking, wood-look tile closely resembles the real thing – it can be hard to spot the differences! Here are a few key design aspects that help porcelain or ceramic wood-look tile look like actual hardwood flooring.

  • Plank Size: Rather than traditional tile squares, wood-look tile is offered in dimensions that resemble hardwood flooring plank sizes. These planks are installed in creative ways, including staggered installation, random sizes, and uniform planks that resemble classic hardwood.
  • Style Varieties: Just like hardwood flooring comes in endless styles, so does wood-look tile! For every distinct hardwood species, there is a tile option to match. Many different tone and color varieties are available for your consideration. 
  • Graining: We can’t forget the importance of graining, which adds character and depth to hardwood flooring. Wood-look tile is also designed with this texture to make a perfect replica!wood-look tile floors maple grove
  • Grout: One thing that hardwood flooring doesn’t have is grout. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Maple Grove will make sure your grout color choice perfectly blends in with the rest of your wood-look tile floor.

Where Should I Install Wood-Look Tile?

Hardwood and water have never been a good match. However, tile is one of the most water-resistant flooring choices out there. Brooklyn Park homeowners with tile know they don’t need to worry about the aftermath of spills in the kitchen or extra water in the bathroom. If you’ve always dreamed of a bathroom with elegant hardwood floors, wood-look tile is an excellent choice.

Tile is also one of the most durable flooring choices available! You can have the timeless and beautiful warmth of hardwood without maintenance concerns. Kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, and even bedrooms are all perfect locations for wood-look tile.

Get Started with Wood-Look Tile in Maple Grove Today!

Are you already in love with wood-look tile flooring for your Brooklyn Park home? Our experts at Floor Coverings International Maple Grove are ready to help with all of your flooring needs. Call us today and schedule a free, in-home consultation! We proudly serve Maple Grove, Plymouth and surrounding areas.

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